Wow Partners Takes Home Marketing of the Year Award at AffPapa iGaming Awards
June 30, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Wow Partners has been crowned the Marketing of the Year at the prestigious AffPapa iGaming Awards. This remarkable achievement recognises our relentless dedication to providing exceptional gambling opportunities and unparalleled experiences to our extensive player communities.

At Wow Partners, we take pride in our unique and innovative approach, a diverse range of thrilling games, and cutting-edge features. is firmly established as the ultimate destination for gamblers seeking top-notch entertainment.

This prestigious accolade not only showcases our commitment to excellence but also inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of iGaming. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the AffPapa iGaming Awards for this incredible honour and to our loyal players for their unwavering support. Stay tuned as we continue to wow you with our exceptional offerings!

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Testimonials from our affiliates

Our partnership with WowPartners has been a transformative experience for Their deep knowledge and dedication to excellence in the casino sector have been vital to our growth. Thanks to their array of premium casino products, we've been able to offer our users a superior gaming experience. We are immensely appreciative of our alliance with WowPartners, which has played a crucial role in helping us meet our objectives and propel our platform to new heights.

"I am delighted to work with WowPartners for the quality of our collaboration as well as the truly qualitative marketing tools."


"Kudos to Wow Partners! As the creator of 'Best of Casino Bonus,' your affiliate program stands out. The innovative tools, user-friendly interface, and exceptional support make our collaboration a success. Looking forward to more excellence together. Thanks, Wow Partners!"


"WowPartners revolutionized my casino affiliate platform,, boosting conversions. Their user-friendly dashboard and responsive support are game-changers. Highly recommend for a successful affiliate collaboration. Join WowPartners today!"


"Wow Partners are affiliates who will save you nerves and money, leading your team to the desired result in the shortest possible time! We can definitely recommend these guys to anyone who needs to increase traffic in the gambling industry. The whole team showed unprecedented professionalism in the process of work, coping even with force majeure easily and simply"


"We receive full support from dedicated account managers from Wow Partners. Friendly customer service and timely payments. If you are ready to take your affiliate business to the next level, this super-team will help you. Thanks for a great job."


"The growth allows us to focus on our results. It’s makes us better. We have seen great results with Wow Partners, all agreements were done on time. Your super-team was flexible, acquainted and provided exceptional service along the way."


"We enjoy our partnership with Wow Partners for many reasons, especially the quality of the affiliate program and the overall value it brings to our platform. We work in close cooperation with their talented team who are all dedicated and helpful. Thanks for great cooperation! "


"Wow partners have set the bar high in the world of affiliate partnerships. Their commitment to responsible marketing is reflected not only in their ethical practices but also in the quality of the casino slots they provide. Our players enjoy a diverse and entertaining gaming experience."


"We have had the pleasure of engaging in an affiliate partnership with Wow Partners over the past year, and it has been nothing short of exceptional. Their professional attitude and commitment to excellence have truly set them apart. From the outset, Wow Partners demonstrated a deep understanding of our business needs, providing tailored solutions that exceeded our expectations."


"Working with WOW Partners is a great experience, fast response, and result oriented team. At DeluxeCasinoBonus we are proud to be partners with them and promoting SG Casino to our Hungarian Players."


"Wow Partners has been a game-changer for Casino24 in Chile. Their unwavering dedication to driving results and their personalized approach to our unique needs have made them an invaluable partner. We are genuinely excited about the success we've achieved together and eagerly anticipate the continued prosperity of our collaboration."


"We at Casino24 are thrilled to be working with WowPartners in Peru. Their commitment to excellence and innovative products has significantly boosted our business, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership that we look forward to growing together."


"Wow Partners' affiliate program stands out for its popularity among players. Their brand shows excellent conversion rates. The affiliate management team excels in professionalism, and we consistently receive enthusiastic feedback from players."


"Casino Chap team is excited to work with WowPartners. The brand and the team both are splendid. Everything is at the top level - starting with the casino, ending with the professionalism of the team. Great recommendations come from our side!"


"The team behind Casivo are happy to work with Wow Partners, an exciting affiliate program with great products for Canadian players. Their platform is top-notch and the support from the affiliate team is one of the best out there."


"WOW Partners - Beyond Ordinary, Into the Extraordinary. Venture into an alliance that redefines affiliate success. With WOW Partners, experience the harmony of innovative strategies and unparalleled rewards, setting the stage for a future of mutual growth"


"WOW Partners - Crafting Synergies that Impress. Engage with a partner that transforms affiliation into art. Embracing WOW Partners is your gateway to a sophisticated collaboration, where visions align, goals meet, and success stories are authored daily."


"Working with Wow Partners has been as easy as breathing. They are proficient, dedicated, and results-orientated. We value them for their competence and surely recommend them as partners!"


"The partnership with Wow Partners has proven to be a cherished collaboration to us. Their team has showed exemplary commitment to quality communication. We share our feedback with joy and we recommend them without a second thought!"


"Our journey with Wow Partners has been nothing short of amazing. Their casino brands are cutting-edge, offering a diverse range of games that cater to various player interests. The professionalism and enthusiasm of the Wow Partners team have made our collaboration both fruitful and enjoyable. We highly recommend Wow Partners to any affiliate looking for outstanding results."


"Wow Partners has exceeded our expectations in every way. Their online casino brands are innovative and engaging, capturing the attention of players from around the globe. The support we've received from Wow Partners has been unparalleled, ensuring our affiliate business continues to thrive. Partnering with Wow Partners was undeniably one of our best decisions."


"We are delighted to be partners with Wow Partners. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of their casino brands. The team's responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile have made our collaboration incredibly smooth. Wow Partners is not just a partner; they are the key to our success."


"Wow Partners has truly lived up to its name, leaving us in awe of their exceptional service. Their online casino brands are top-tier, offering players a truly immersive experience. With Wow Partners' dedicated affiliate support and attractive commission rates, our revenues have soared, making them our go-to choice in the iGaming industry."


"The diversity of games and betting options in WOW partners' brands keeps our audience engaged. It's a win-win situation for us and our players."


„The collaboration with Wow Partners is an absolute pleasure and a game-changer for KasinoBoni. From the very beginning, their team demonstrated professionalism, innovation, and a deep understanding of the industry“


"Quick to respond, highly professional and overall, a very supportive team. This is an affiliate program we would recommend to other global affiliates looking to partner with the right brands."


"Smartpokies is thrilled to collaborate with SG Casino. When it comes to delivering exceptional gaming experiences, SG casino is undoubtedly among the very best in the industry, and we wholeheartedly endorse them to every player in search of top-quality gaming adventures."


"Our partnership with WowPartners has been a thrilling ride through the world of online gaming. It's not just about business; it's about a shared passion for iGaming and mutual growth. We couldn't be happier with our collaboration and the impressive milestones we've achieved together."


"Our affiliate partnership with WowPartners has been an adventure like no other. The energy and innovation they bring to the iGaming industry are truly inspiring. Their team has been incredibly supportive, offering personalized strategies that have led to outstanding results."


"Wow Partners is a perfect choice if you are looking for a quality casino product to offer to your players."


"Collaborating with Wow Partners has been a strategic move that has redefined our business trajectory. Their extensive industry knowledge, coupled with their unwavering support, has allowed us to tap into new opportunities and markets. The Wow Partners team exemplifies professionalism, dedication, and a shared vision for growth. We're excited to continue this journey of mutual success."


"WOW partners truly offer something amazing for Finnish audience! We are very happy to continue working with them!"


"WOW partners have demonstrated to be really professional and worth working with. They are always answering quickly and showing really good traffic in some of our key countries."

"WOW Partners is a great partner for anyone looking to stand out in a crowded market. Their creative and original marketing approach has helped us differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Their brands are some of the most recognizable in the industry, which has helped us to attract new players and grow our business. We appreciate their reliable and responsive managers, who are always available to answer our questions and provide quality 24/7 support."


"One of the standout features of WOW Partners is its excellent brands. They work with some of the best names in the industry, which has helped us to attract new clients and grow our business. Additionally, their managers are some of the most competent and professional we have worked with. They are always available to help us with any questions or concerns. We appreciate their good package of services, which includes in-depth analytics and insights into our site's performance."


"WowPartners is a great partner choice. We look forward to continuing a positive working relationship with their team and brand in the future. We recommend WowPartners to everyone!"


"Their team's professionalism, dedication, and deep industry expertise have been instrumental in driving outstanding results. The support we have received throughout our partnership has been nothing short of exceptional. Whether it's providing valuable insights, offering innovative marketing materials, or ensuring transparent communication, Wow Partners consistently goes above and beyond."


"Together with Wow Partners, we have achieved remarkable milestones, and our revenue has seen substantial growth. This partnership has not only met but exceeded our expectations in every way. We are excited to continue this collaboration and look forward to achieving even greater heights together."


"In summary, working with Wow Partners has been a game-changer for our business, and we couldn't be happier with the results. They have proven to be a reliable and invaluable partner, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their affiliate marketing efforts to the next level."


"We are thrilled to express our utmost satisfaction with our collaboration with Wow Partners. Partnering with them has been an incredibly rewarding experience for our business. From day one, it has been clear that Wow Partners is not just a partner, but a true ally in our journey to success."

"We at couldn’t be happier with our partnership with SG Casino. Their timely payments and transparent reporting have made our affiliate journey smooth sailing. Here’s to many more successful collaborations!"


"WowPartners is an exciting newcomer in the IGaming industry, offering a superior product with meticulous attention to detail. Their fantastic bonus offers and excellent customer support make working with them a true pleasure. We highly recommend!"


"Working with Wow Partners has been a learning experience for us. Their partner team is redefining industry standards with their proactive, professional and visionary approach. The strength of their brand is perfectly combined with ours, creating a mutually beneficial partnership. Thank you from the our entire team!"


"WowPartners has truly transformed how professional people can be. Their exceptional services and unwavering dedication have taken us to new heights. From the very beginning, their team exhibited a deep understanding of how the industry should work together, and tailored their strategies to perfectly fit our needs. We can't thank WowPartners enough for their invaluable contribution to our growth journey."


”Wow Partners is a game changer for affiliate marketers. With their diverse range of high-converting offers, we witnessed an incredible boost in our earnings. The user-friendly platform, coupled with real-time analytics, empowers us to optimize my campaigns effectively. Their attentive affiliate managers and on-time payouts demonstrate their dedication to our success. Thanks to Wow Partners, we unlocked new levels of profitability. If you're serious about affiliate marketing, look no further – join Wow Partners now and elevate your success!"


"We are happy and proud to work with the amazing team of WOW Partners. SG Casino is an absolute delight."


"WOWPartners is globally known as one of the best affiliates in the betting industry. They always provide transparent analytics and trustworthy tracking in their affiliate program. BetZillion has grown so much more since we started working with WOWPartners."


"WowPartners has been a prized partner for us. Their professionalism and stellar reputation make collaborating enjoyable and fruitful. The WowPartners team goes above and beyond with exceptional support to ensure mutual success. We look forward to strengthening our alliance and accomplishing great things with this ideal strategic partner."


"As the team behind CasinoAlpha , we could not have asked for a better partner than WowPartners. Their depth of expertise, swift responsiveness, and tireless drive have made collaborating with them truly rewarding. They work diligently to provide top-notch guidance and identify new opportunities. With their innovative solutions and win-win mindset, WowPartners has proven a trusted ally focused on the growth and success of CasinoAlpha"


"Travailler avec SG Casino a été une expérience agréable. Ils sont rapides et fiables et toujours heureux d'aider. Je les recommande vivement !"


"SG Casino a une bonne équipe d'affiliate managers qui sont toujours prêts à aider. Ils sont flexibles sur les accords et la marque fonctionne parfaitement de notre côté. C'est un très bon programme d'affiliation !"


"WowPartners, you've been an absolute game-changer for! Together, we've navigated through challenges, capitalized on opportunities, and celebrated countless successes. Your expertise and guidance have propelled us to new heights, making us a force to be reckoned with."


"SociosCasino team can't thank WowPartners enough for their amazing cooperation! They consistently deliver outstanding results with a positive attitude that makes every collaboration a joy. If you're looking for a partner that knows how to make things happen and bring on the fun, WowPartners is the way to go!"


"Wow Partners is an eminent affiliate program with a professional team that assists us every time we need help. Its brand SG Casino has managed to entice players towards their myriad of online casino games and remunerative bonuses & offers. Casino Leader is pleased and content to have collaborated with Wow Partners and look forward to a long & successful partnership."


"Wowpartners is familiar to us via other projects, but everytime we are surprised of straightforwarded workflow they operate with. Co-operation is always easy and rewarding."


"We recently started working with SGCasino on, and we are very happy with the team! Great casino bonuses, a fresh-looking site and a dedicated affiliate team make all the difference!"


"Great working with such an exciting brand. The people at Wowpartners are always there to help you with whatever you need!"

Beste Norske Casino

"Working with WOW Partners has been a fantastic experience. Their crypto accepting site, SG Casino, is top-notch, and their affiliate managers are responsive and knowledgeable about their fast-growing bitcoin casino brands. I highly recommend giving them a try - you won't regret it!"


"Exciting gaming destination with superb player retention tools. Adding SG Casino & Sportsbook should be on everyone’s list. A premium affiliate program with a friendly team and on-time payments."

Viron Kasinot

"We truly like working with the team at WOW Partners as they provide professional support, are very responsive and offer great deals for affiliates and players alike. We look forward to a long-lasting collaboration."


"The team at WOW Partners is highly professional, their brand converts well, and the players seem to love it. What else to say? If you’re not already promoting SG Casino, go ahead now."

Nettikasinot Suomi

"Top team, quick to answer and very supportive. Listing SG Casino on our affiliate sites was a no-brainer, and it has already shown its potential. Any new brand from WOW Partners will be instantly added to our portfolio."

Q Kasinot

"Our collaboration with WOW Partners started only recently but so far everything looks good. The communication with the affiliate team goes smoothly and we had an excellent start after listing SG Casino & Sportsbook on our sites."


"Behind Wow Partners is a professional and experienced team with brilliant work ethic. We are happy to make business with such dedicated and motivated managers! We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership!"


"Working with Wow Partners has been exceptional. They understood our goals, exceeded expectations, and brought fresh ideas. Their professionalism and innovation transformed our business. We eagerly anticipate continuing this fruitful partnership."

Noname Gambling

"SG Casino & Sportsbook has been part of our portfolio right from their launch and we never looked back. An exciting gaming and sports betting destination combined with great deals for players and affiliates alike plus top support and on-time commission payments every month. Highly recommended."


"WowPartners is a highly reliable affiliate program with a very professional team behind it. Dedicated managers provide 24/7 assistance, and they also offer a lot of marketing and tracking tools. We can definitely vouch for them."


"SG Casino is a perfect online casino with impeccable service. If you want to experience everything in the online gambling industry, from live games to sports betting, SG Casino is a place to be."

Worst Casino Reviews Canada

"SG Casino features a great variety of casino bonuses - the Welcome package, Weekly reload, Weekly and Live cashback, Weekend reload, as well as free spins to boot."

Casino Bros

"We at are very excited to launch our partnership with Wow Partners. Their team is very professional and they offer excellent customer service. We looking forward to continued successful cooperation."


"We highly appreciate the importance of strong alliances, and our experience with WowPartners has been incredibly positive from the start. The team behind this program is exceptionally professional, and their communication has always been outstanding. We can highly recommend collaborating with them!"


"AussieBestCasinos highly values its partnership with Wow Partners. As our affiliate partner, they consistently deliver exceptional results through their top-notch marketing strategies. Wow Partners dedication, expertise, and prompt communication have greatly contributed to our success. We appreciate their ongoing support and look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration in the dynamic world of online casinos."


"Wow Partners is an exceptional affiliate partner for LeafletCasino. Their professionalism and dedication have been instrumental in driving our business forward. With their comprehensive marketing strategies and innovative approach, they consistently deliver impressive results. Their team's expertise and prompt support make them a valuable asset to our success. We're thrilled to have them as our trusted partner in this industry."


"It has been a great pleasure to work with Wow Partners! Their program makes all our work flows straightforward and reliable. Also, their team is always kind and helpful - overall, if you are looking to collaborate with a high-quality partner, Wow Partners is the place to go!"


"We have just begun cooperating with WowPartners but we can already now say that the future looks very promising. The brand has a good set of games as well as an attractive bonus offer. The affiliate team is helpful and welcoming plus deals are fair."

"Wowpartners is a really outstanding brand and casino operator, if you are looking for high value and high convertion look no further!"

"StatsDrone is pleased to partner with WOW Partners and their exceptional collaborative team. With their excellent brand, excellent marketing materials, and generous commission plans, we look forward to a long-term partnership. We highly recommend WOW Partners."


"We at think that Wowpartners is a great choice for almost everyone who has casino traffic. Well designed and innovative brands guarantee sales as casinos are very easy to use. Also thumbs up for a very friendly and professional affiliate managers."

Uudet Pikakasinot

"WowPartners has been a tremendous asset to our business. Their brand and team are top-notch, delivering fantastic numbers and excellent support. Thank you for making our partnership so successful."

"The team at WowPartners and their brand, Wow Partners have been an absolute delight to work with. Their professionalism and solid brand make them an ideal partner. We're excited to continue our partnership and achieve even greater success."


" WowPartners an outstanding brand with an amazing team. Their exceptional service has made our partnership a success. We're grateful for their support and commitment to mutual growth."


"We've been extremely pleased with our cooperation with WowPartners. The team is dedicated, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist. We highly recommend working with them."


"Promoting SG Casino provided us with a huge satisfaction, a great casino that really treats their players honestly. We can highly recommend WowPartners!"


"WowPartners Affiliates is a perfect partner for an affiliate with high ambition. The team takes good care of their partners. 5/5."

Uudet Kasino

"Wow Partners has been a valuable partner for us. Their casino offers are top-notch, with competitive bonus money and free spins that keep our audience engaged. The team is responsive and always willing to go the extra mile to help us succeed."


"We are really happy with our cooperation with Wow Partners. They always pay in time and are easy to work with. We are looking forward to bringing even more value for their brand!"


"with a sleek design, smart software and plenty of payment methods including cryptocurrency, SG Casino has been a great addition to"


"As a partner of WOW Partners, I have been thoroughly impressed by the level of support and resources available to me. The team is highly responsive and dedicated to helping me succeed. Thanks to their program, I have been able to monetize my website and generate a consistent stream of income. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to partner with a reliable and trustworthy company."


"NDCG is always happy to work with affiliates that put quality over crazy number requirements."


"Wow Partners is a great group with a focus on both players and affiliates, happy to have them on board Allfreechips"


"We at are very excited to launch our partnership with Wow Partners and their brand SG Casino. So far our experiences have been purely positive and we are looking forward to promoting them for years to come!"

"We are looking forward to work closely with Wow Partners - their brand is kick ass and will convert very well in the Norwegian market."


"Being one of the strongest affiliates in the Nordics we prefer to work with well known and well proven brands, wow partners are able to provide these and we are seeing great results together."


«We love wow partners, they have some of the best cryptocasinos at the moment, we can only recommend it.»


"We are really happy to be working with wow partners, their conversion is strong and they have proven great player values during the period we have promoted them."


"I can only recommend working with wow partners, they have truly strong brands and we are seeing incredible results already. We are looking forward to see this growing into a mutual beneficial partnership. Guy has always been a great affiliate manager from earlier partnerships."


"We are really happy working with Wow Partners and, its probably one of the strongest programs out there for online casinos. We are seeing great conversion and good player value."


"We at Sloteire are honored to work with the affiliates of Wow Partners. High conversion brands with high player value. We also appreciate their excellent affiliate team's assistance very much."


"It's always a pleasure to work with Wow Partners excellent affiliate staff. friendly partners who always make an effort to support you! They also have strong, competitive brands that merit a spot on any sports or casino website. They come highly recommended by Betpokies!"


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